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Licorice root
Medicinal properties of licorice root were known by mankind, thousands of years ago. It is widely used in folk medicine. Based on the study conducted by scientists concluded that licorice root is richer in nutrients than ginseng. Preparations made from it are used as a means of treatment for bronchitis, whooping cough, tuberculosis, stomach ulcers, poisoning (especially meat`s and mushroom`s poisoning). Licorice root is also effective in the treatment of nervous diseases and diseases associated with impaired metabolism. In addition, licorice root is widely used in everyday life, technology, food processing and other industries.
In Azerbaijan, the history of licorice root processing goes back to the end of the XIX century. Licorice, which is considered a valuable technical plant in Azerbaijan is represented by 8 species. It grows in the Kura-Araks, Samur-Davachi lowland, Caspian plain in Mugan, Gobustan, Absheron, Alazan-Ayrichay Valley, administrative districts of Kurdamir, Sabirabad, Saatli, Imishli, Zardab, Ujar, Barda, Agdash, in the north-east Greater Caucasus, in central and southern parts of the Lesser Caucasus, in the plains of Nakhchivan.
Historically, valuable licorice root exported from Azerbaijan to many countries. Since 1886, our country exports it to the United States, and since 1913 in France, England, Japan, China, India, Egypt and other countries. Quality of licorice root which grows in Azerbaijan is considered the best in the world.
“Agro Export Azerbaijan" LLC is engaged in the collection, processing of licorice root, as well as production and export of various products from it. Our company is one of the corporation that received specific feedback for the collection of wild plants. Employs experienced professionals with years of experience in our company. Our goal is to draw attention of the global market to wild licorice root in our country, introducing the most advanced technologies and high quality products for export.
For this purpose, initially licorice root is collected in the form of raw materials, purified and dried. The dried product is compressed in the form of bales and packed. Also, roots and sorted according to the desire of the customer in the form of rods are cut and thin layers of different diameters and sizes.
Although, Azerbaijani licorice root exported more than one hundred years, the world market has very little information about it today. Therefore, our goal is not just to make a profit. We plan to export high quality products in order to attract foreign businessmen to increase investment in this sector and the construction of small plants to meet European standards in a number of areas.

For a short period of time, our company has worked with many foreign businessmen. We acquainted them with our activities in different regions of Azerbaijan.

As a result, we exported roots to Germany, Poland, Croatia, South Korea, Israel, Georgia, India, Iran and etc. We have identified our representatives in Germany, Russia and South Korea. Through them, we introduce our products in these countries and do some work to attract businessmen to this area.

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